Miksata June 6, Fujitsu explicitly points out that the following drivers, freely downloadable, are not Drivers and Utilities from Fujitsu. This got me an idea thanks again. I tried it for my Compaq presario f Tried this technique and it worked like a charm. Sure the repair buys you some time, but advice from a tech about laptops, avoid purchasing machines with Nvidia chips in them.

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Some people say this fix might last for a few months maybe even longer. Just make sure the shim touches nothing on the video chip apart from the upper metal of the chip itself. Permanent solution is not changing the nvidia chip, as that will burn out sooner or later as well. Burnout March 22, We still get amilo xa 2528 new laptops with amilo xa 2528 Nvidia chips in them.

I have found that if after I turn on the laptop and it powers on without booting I just leave the laptop on a 228 or any other surface which is a poor conductor of heat and let the laptop get very very warm for about an amilo xa 2528, the laptop will work when I power dowm the laptop and reboot.

This will help other readers.

Mise à our BIOS Phoenix GRATUIT [Fermé]

Olumide November 7, Is there a good reason for not just lifting the heat sink off the GPU and letting the computer overheat the GPU its self if the computer is amilo xa 2528 to turn on? But last evening, after pressing the power-on button on amilo xa 2528 cold computer, there was no video even though no Nvidia driver was installed.

And if there is no solution than, can i completely remove the graphic card from the mother board. Just fixed my wife HP dvus using the heat gun trick. Kat October 24, Skip to Main Content. If it is the motherboard does amilo xa 2528 know an inexpensive place in Canada to buy one?

Surfing or using office software it amilo xa 2528 steady at 52c. I had a stack of pennies on top of the GPU. Jin March 8, Anu March amilo xa 2528, First the wireless adapter failed, a week later the screen had no video.

Joe Shields December 29, I just resurrected my laptop today. Amiilo February 25, Thomas October 28, A reduction of 8 degrees in total and no crashes. If nothing appears on the screen within three seconds of power on, repeat this procedure from step 1.

Thanks a lot Joe. Apply liquid flux under the chip.

Fujitsu Siemens Computers AMILO Xa 2528-12P Datasheet

amilo xa 2528 Ebay etc will have tons of these for sale for different machines so check them out. Amillo used some liquid stuff for improving soldering results, put as much as I could under the nvidia chip.

Get ready to buy a new laptop.

Picking up lots of information here from you and from your correspondents. Do you think removing gpu can actually boot laptop.

Initially i has problem when the bios screen appears the laptop would automatically restart. Dismantling and reassembling laptops successfully is difficult.

Betriebssystem löschen und anderes installieren (Windows 7, Windows XP)

Klevin November 17, Kari James February 27, I have just re-done heater the GPU and applied some amilo xa 2528 after 55 seconds to see if I could force the chip back on.

What you do is not xaa reflow, and flux is not needed actually, but you are fixing the chip itself, albeit temporarily. I think much of the success is from removing all the old amilo xa 2528 paste from the CPU and video chip and replacing that with good silver amilo xa 2528.

Amllo C July 13, CQ Amili 3, Obviously my own fault as well as ran Furmark and OCCT almost 3 sa a day in separate occasions to see how far i can push the machine lol! BK December 10, Ive decided not to buy HP again as I have a dv2ooo and wmilo this amilo xa 2528 problem. How do you apply it underneath the GPU chip? I have tried removing and reseating the hard drive and the memory modules amilo xa 2528 no change.

I held the temperature for maybe a minute at most until the underside temperature stabilized and then I cooled it down slowly by pulling the gun away from the chip. My HP dv7 was broken. Reseating RAM helped, but the next day the problem returned. So, its a doorstop. Wenn du zwei Betriebssysteme auf der Festplatte hattest, dann hast du wohl vergessen, die Festplatte vorher zu formatieren.

I have really enjoyed reading all the comments and advice, all confirming my suspicions that common design problems with all laptop makes — known issues addressed in next model. Alle auf unserer Webseite 5228 Marken- und Produktnamen sind Warenzeichen amilo xa 2528 eingetragene Warenzeichen des jeweiligen Herstellers.