Hi,my 4gb kingston pendrive is suddenly not working and Led is also not blinking i also tried in other systems but its not working,pendrive icon also detected but when i click on that icon it showing please insert a disk into F: What should I do? SD card problems are usually due to a damaged or malfunctioning chip. I followed a diff path — My pen drive was getting detected in device manager, I also tried out un installing the Root Hub.. Even ran the HDDscan app and the S. This is to erase the current data.

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Pen drive was working earlier and there is data inside.

AlcorMP (080829) AU6981/AU6983/AU6986

Roberto Mai October 29, at MMC format utility software can format usb flash disk and SD memory card. Its still saying write protected. I am not able to find Why i cannot use my disk anymore? I have the same transcend jf v30 16gb with my HP 16gb pendrive as mentioned above.

Thank you soooooooooooo much!!! It also showing write protected, and i saw the post in this v3.

It takes a bit of extra work to get the data since filenames are transcend jf v30 16gb recovered. Click on full format 6: This will start formatting transend pen drive, wait till the formatting transcend jf v30 16gb and the LED on your pen drive stops blinking. What I did is I performed a clean format thinking that with the use of a number of recovery softwares I now have on hand like EaseUS Data Recovery, Icare data recovery, Recover my Files, and Unformat… I would easily be able rtanscend restore the folders inside.

The problem is looking bleaker than I expected. When I went to bed at midnight, aboutfiles had copied ok with 11 failures.

I hope this will help someone. Will wait for a response before proceeding. Do you want to format it?

The full guide of Best USB flash drive repair software – Flash Drive Repair

I followed 1g6b above step but problem in still exist. I stopped Testdisk since so many errors file failures were being generated. Yay At first the format message appeared then the whole pc transcend jf v30 16gb unresponsive, but then I opened My Computer again and it was there Alive again!

Thank you again, Carol. Anonymous March 12, at 9: What to do next or what tool to use to format? Lukas July 17, at 3: It does not recover file names so you will have look at and rename any recovered files.

I was just wondering if you would have any idea whether this external hard drive can be restored transcend jf v30 16gb to a working NTFS hard drive rather than a RAW. I would hf love to know the solution. Please e-mail me any solutions about this problem.

Thank you for the tutorial!

Remove Write Protection On USB Pen Drive or Memory Card or iPod

Learn how trabscend repair a corrupted USB flash drive. If the registry key StorageDevicePolicies key does not exist, you will need to create it.

Can I do something? Another solution to recover my data? All About Fixing Computer Troubles. Mine is PQI brand.

Remove Write Protection On USB Pen Drive or Memory Card or iPod

I hope this helps at least somebody else rescue their work. My 2TB movie drive suddenly stopped working reading raw etc.

Thank you for writing this guide and helping so many people! Mass Storage Device Revision: Best regards, Pascal from Belgium Description: The external its about 1TB. Thanx for all, For me I tried many methods, but no one does work. 16gg will need to take transcend jf v30 16gb to a recovery professional who has the proper tools. I experienced this kind of problem with my generic flash drive 32 GB and fix the problem by doing the following: So I scrolled down and see all of my data in white, but there are a transcend jf v30 16gb of red listings as well.

Thank you very much.