I am working with an Inspiron yes i know ancient but i am taking the screen out and converting it to be used somewhere else anyways if you know the name please tell me. I would test the laptop with an external monitor. Old screen and attached monitor works. Hi, I have used your website in the past and have donated. I think it depends on the laptop brand and model you have. My screen turns white if I pull it towards me like closing it.

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Do you know how many different kinds of connectors there are?

Lieferschein als Garantiebeleg? (Computer, Recht)

Kray-C August 31, Sony vaio pcg-7y1m then after sony vaio pcg-7y1m these color dots would cover the screen and it would go white. When i attach an external monitor, i can use it.

My laptop screen shows some lines near the taskbar and its hard to see the taskbar. I believe I have this problem, as aony. So they must be compatibile. I love your website and your kindness to share your knowledge.

I have a Compaq vnr and my LCD stopped working, but if I plug sony vaio pcg-7y1m an external monitor it works fine. But I could see the mouse cursor and move it.

I just connected my laptop to my desktop monitor and it is working perfectly. My laptop LCD went white too a few weeks ago, I also sony vaio pcg-7y1m the system board was faulty.

Especially because it was a 2k business notebook sony vaio pcg-7y1m the time of purchase. During the windows startup, the white screen flicker to black several times it seems the logic can still output a black screen.

LCD screen turned completely white | Laptop Repair

Thats for the estimate. If your laptop sony vaio pcg-7y1m still within the warranty period and the LCD screen is not damaged, it should be replaced under the warranty agreement. This particular model detects an external monitor automatically.

There is no reset button and such on the pad. Nick September 16, Berk June 2, But on my HP compaq it goes to a white screen but there is no harddrive light on and also it wont power down unless i take off sony vaio pcg-7y1m battery. It is working ok when connected to an external monitor.

I have done work on desktops, but never a laptop and pct-7y1m completely sure about tearing it up.

Ernest November 8, If both pass test, try reinstalling OS from scratch using video on the external screen. Sony vaio pcg-7y1m leads me to believe it is something getting to hot or something. Try updating BIOS to the latest version.

Cj…Could it pch-7y1m be a variation of the white screen virus? However it only shows white screen with horizental pcg-y1m on it when swithed on which turn gloomy and disappear with time. Sony vaio pcg-7y1m can try reseating the video cable connector on the motherboard. I tried reseating cable on motherboard and LCD sides, no joy. Rkill from this site: Iam being to that it made be the data cable Can you make a suggestion?.

Lieferschein als Garantiebeleg?

After a few hours? Turn off and on, the laptop worked as normal. Would that make much difference?

Could this just be a loose connection to the screen or inverter?