The screen was dim again. The guy we got it from ebay made good and sent us another one. You might even use a flashlight to see it better. In less than a year after I bought it, the backlight was out, HP replaced it with a new display under warranty. I orginally posted this under a different article and thought this one to be more appropriate for my problem. However, when I connected an external monitor, it works fine. I am not sure what to do next..

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compaq presario b1800 I have a T41 XGA screen with an weird issue: Any one agree OR disagree??? Looks like a job for a professional. Co,paq swapped in a new bulb even though the old bulb and inverter were probably fine. It may take several attemps though…. THis information was very helpful in figuring out what was a wrong with my compaq presario b1800. Any Idea what is the problem. The symptoms compaq presario b1800 very much like the bad inverter problems faced by many here, but the actual problem was that the microswitch which gets depressed when the laptop is closed located in your second picture on the lower left of the laptop gets stuck down.

Took it apart again removed the bulb and turned it on and the bulb lit up. I guess you have a different key combination for preszrio HP laptop. If you cannot see anything on the external monitor, then the video card probably has a problem.

Fixing backlight problem by replacing inverter | Laptop Repair

Afdter cleaning and drying overnight it started up the compaq presario b1800 morning but the backlight stayed off. Apparently there is a faulty element on the LCD controller board and sometimes this element works fine. Any help would be appreciated. It is in the mail. After this happened, I could not see the screen not even a faint imagecojpaq the computer was still running as the audio still worked.

Think it is the video card which i understand is part of the mother board, or think it is the compaq presario b1800 and the video card?

If the laptop is still covered by the warranty, they should fix it. If not, check the memory module.


Do you think this compaq presario b1800 is doable or am I just intimidated because it requires soldering? I think the problem compaaq be related to the LCD itself. Take a look at the Removing Display Assembly chapter. Or the back-light problem? I had a hp pavilion laptop which has a very dim LCD screen. Jeff, Did you but a used compaq presario b1800 board?

As with others, the desktop is barely visible.

Fixing backlight problem by replacing inverter

Just some observations compaq presario b1800 share, if one can see faint content in the dimmed screen, most likely it is the inverter. Shut off, removed power, turned the screen over to find one of the LCD connections on the supply video ribbon was not securely in place there compaq presario b1800 completing the circuit. Maybe you got a bad inverter? However, later the same day it seems b8100 CCFL went out all together because the screen on the laptop is very dim but you can still make out icons and wallpaper.

Compaq presario b1800 manually shut down the computer compaq presario b1800 restarted it after 5 minutes. My Laptop is a gateway and it does not copaq screws like the one that your example has shown above and also wher compaq presario b1800 i find one of thos blue things? After a short while 5 to 40 min the screen goes very dim as discribed. Suddenly yesterday the screen started working compaq presario b1800 a system restart and it worked fine until i switched of the computer after 3 hours.

I tap the cover switch, or hit FN-F5 a few compqq, the screen comes on, then goes blank again. Am I correct in thinking that is that the correct repair …? Did you check the lid close switch? The problem almost perfectly fits the symptoms of a bad inverter backlight is off, but an unlit image is still formed on the screen; backlight comes on briefly if I open and close the lid. What would the next step be? Any recommendations on where to get that? SO just thought it was the battery life.

If there is voltage, probably nothing is wrong with the motherboard. When I changed the inverter with a new one, the backlight turned off copmaq during the boot. I had a similar issue. I do see that there are images on the screen, and have deduced to either the lamp or the inverter needs replacing. I replaced the inverter in my Dell Inspiron What do you think? Please offer help if you know any websites, where I could get it.

It does the same when I switch to the external monitor which I am using right now. I have a TP X Recently she came to me compaq presario b1800 the screen on the laptop had this pink hue to it, but the display on the external monitor was fine. The screen still blink sometimes maybe indicating that I need to get a new inverter board. Display has pale blue washout hue and you can see vertical pattern compaq presario b1800 the way across but you can still see everything without distorsion except colors a bit smudged and slightly shifted.

With some research on the web, I thought it was the FL inverter. Could be defective inverter or bad compaq presario b1800. One thing to note, when I turned on the computer after replacing the inverter, I heard a hissing from the bottom left of the screen.